PACE Financing

PACE Financing

The Most Affordable Financing Options Available

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What is PACE Financing?

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) is A ground-breaking way that allows property owners to finance the entire cost of energy-efficient home improvements and maximum wind mitigation features upgrades. PACE was named one of the top 20 “world-changing” ideas by Scientific American Magazine.


PACE financing is attached to your property tax and based on the amount of equity in your home instead of a traditional loan that relies on credit history and income.

Qualifying is resolved by the amount of equity in your home, the ability to repay the loan, and your mortgage payment history.


Elite Windows & Doors works with certified PACE Financing providers to provide you with the most affordable financing options.

PACE Financing
Pace Financing

PACE Financing Benefits 

✓ Low-interest Rates
✓ No Application Fee
✓ Prequalify in minutes
✓ No Money Down up-front 
✓ Eligibility Not Based On Credit Score
✓ Approval Is Based Primarily On Property Equity
✓ Payments Made Through Property Tax
✓ Government- Endorsed
✓ Long-term Repayment Plan (Up to 30 Years)

The Financing Process In 3 Easy Steps


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How does PACE financing work?



Certified PACE Financing Providers We Work With

*PACE Financing Available - Based On Home Equity

Why Choose PACE Financing?

When mentioning home improvement solutions in South Florida, many people tend to think about costs as the first thing coming to their minds. PACE is something that may save lots of money and guarantee a lifetime comfort.


PACE programs provide special financing known as Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE), allowing you to finance home improvements projects by putting the financed amount on your property tax bill. PACE offers programs in partnership with your local city or county government. The partnership enables the program to provide low-cost financing over long terms with zero money out of your pocket.

Pace Financing

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