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Average Impact Window Installation Costs - All You Need To Know

Impact window installations are worth investing in if you want a hurricane-safe home. These windows are known for requiring a significant investment. Hurricane window cost may vary depending on size, style, and different add ons and decorative touches.

Are you interested in learning more about the different aspects that may impact window pricing? This blog presents you with common factors upon which impact window prices are set.

Impact Window Style

Hurricane window prices may vary depending on style. Some windows, such as fixed or architectural, cost less because their manufacturing process is less expensive.

  • Picture/Fixed Impact Window Installation: $400-$1,600

  • Horizontal/Sliding Impact Window Installation: $900-$1,400

  • Architectural Fixed Impact Window Installation: $1000-$2,200

Window Size

Also, window size also significantly impacts installation prices, just like window style. If the window is larger, the higher the price. Depending on how much glass your window will need, experts can help you determine the cost.

Window Frame Material

Hurricane windows can be framed with vinyl or aluminum. Vinyl impact windows are at least 25% more expensive than aluminum windows.

Aluminum windows are less expensive, and installation costs can be lower sometimes. The downside is that they allow heat transfer and can require you to maintain your AC low. On the other hand, vinyl windows are insulated and can help lower energy bills.

Window Glass Choice

Hurricane windows cost may vary depending on which glass you choose. Standard impact/tempered glass is the most cost-effective window option. Low-E (low emissivity) glass is an energy-efficient solution. The glass can also be tinted to reduce the sun’s glare.

Looking For Impact Windows In Pompano Beach, FL?

Don’t wait until hurricane season arrives! If you’re considering investing in hurricane windows and doors, take your time to decide and estimate the best fit for your home. Impact windows are a great long-term investment that will keep your loved ones safe and can even increase your home’s value.

If you’re looking for hurricane windows companies in FL, Elite Windows & Doors provides you with the best hurricane windows! Please, click on the link below to contact us!


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