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The Difference Between Impact Windows vs. Shutters

If you’re a homeowner, you’re probably wondering whether to invest in impact windows or shutter windows. Both are known to help protect your home against debris and extreme weather conditions - the main difference is structural.

Please, keep reading to learn about the differences between impact windows and shutters.

Impact Windows

These resistant glass windows are more durable than regular windows since they are designed and engineered to be much stronger. These windows are constructed from high-strength materials such as aluminum or vinyl. They are coated with silicone to keep the glass from separating from the frame during extreme weather.


  • Hurricane And Storm Protection

Hurricane windows are designed and produced with shatter-resistant glass, preventing them from being damaged by falling debris or severe winds.

  • Increases Security - Intruder Protection

Impact windows also keep intruders out. The bonding resin stops the panel from fracturing and spreading glass fragments when an item strikes it, preventing intruders from entering.

  • Increase Energy Efficiency Inside Your Home

During the winter, the double-layered glass stops cold air from passing through. On hot summer days, impact windows can keep the heat out.

  • Increase Property Value

When it is time to sell your home, potential buyers will consider that your home has already been hurricane-prepared.

  • Soundproofing - Noise Reduction

They are sealed all around, therefore noise cannot enter your home through even the tiniest openings in your windows or doors. You can rest assured that noise, wind, or debris will never enter your home.


  • Requires A Significant Investment

The only disadvantage of impact windows is that their installation requires a significant investment. Some window companies do have financing programs for families to acquire protection during hurricane season.

Impact Shutters

Impact shutters are designed to protect all possible elements that may enter your home through windows or doors. There are several types: storm panels, accordion shutters, roll-down shutters, and DIY plywood hurricane shutters. Most shutters are professionally installed and can protect your window and doors from hurricane damage.


  • Smaller Investment - One Time Expense

Replacing all your home’s windows is much more expensive than investing in window shutters. Impact shutters are a one time expense.

  • Security And Privacy

For added security and protection, impact window shutters can be locked from the inside or outside. On a lovely day, leave them open, then close them to protect your home from storms and intruders.

  • Dual Purpose - For Extreme Weather Conditions And Day To Day Sunlight

Not only do impact shutters protect from hurricane impact, but they also can block sunlight. Although it is nearly difficult to completely block all light from a space, impact shutters perform an excellent job of blocking a significant amount of light.


  • Not The Best Protection And Insulation

Hurricane shutters aren't the best protection against flying debris and extreme weather conditions. So, if you're searching for the ultimate in storm protection, hurricane impact resistant windows are the way to go.

  • No Sound Reduction

Window shutters do not reduce sound during extreme weather conditions.

  • No Resale Value

Generally, window shutters do not add any resale value to your property because they are not a significant investment. Some are really thick and bulky.

Get Your Hurricane Proof Windows In Pompano Beach, FL

When hurricane season begins, homeowners' first responsibility is to keep their families safe. Impact windows are an excellent investment that can significantly increase the value of your home. Keep in mind all the aspects mentioned above to decide whether to invest in impact windows or shutters.

If you’re interested in keeping your loved ones safe at home during hurricane season, Elite Windows & Doors provides you with the highest-quality hurricane windows!

Looking for an impact windows company in Pompano Beach, FL? Please, click on the link below to contact us!


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